Sad Little Froggy News

Hey everyone,

I would have posted this yesterday, but yesterday was an upsetting day as we had to bury our little froggy Apollo. Poor Apollo died a mysterious death. Some folks say they feed their frogs once every 3-4 days, clean their tanks every couple of months and have them for 5+ years! Jose and I were only away from them for 3 days, and within those 3 days, Apollo went to little froggy heaven. We clean their tank every week or so (the whole cleaning the tank once every couple months thing grosses me out–after a week, the water starts to stink quite a lot), and feed them every 2-3 days. And Leto seems perfectly fine (other than being particularly lonely now).

I would love to know how Apollo died, as maybe it would make me less paranoid about Leto also dying for “no reason”. He didn’t starve–Apollo ate and ate and ate–more than his share any time they were fed! We learned later that while we were away, the air conditioner hadn’t been turned on much so Erika was worried she killed him from the heat of the house. We don’t think this theory is likely, as they actually like warm water–they are native to the Congo, after all.

We also learned that water had been added to the tank in our absence, because she thought that the water level had become too low for them. Only problem is, these little critters’ skin is extremely absorbent to toxins and, especially, to chlorine in water (which is why we have a dechlorinator for them. We don’t think the dechlorinator was used, and Apollo might have been sensitive to that. And yet, as I mentioned before, Leto seems to be okay still.

Another theory is simply that he was old. You never know how old they are before you purchase them to begin with, and despite the fact he grew drastically while he was with us, he still could have been older than we thought. Him growing could just mean he’s finally getting the nutrients his body needs, that’s all.

So unfortunately our little froggy friend Apollo is no longer with us, and buried in the backyard. Jose was sweet enough to make a tiny coffin for him and to prepare him to be buried. I hope that you are enjoying chasing all those yummy bloodworms in little froggy heaven and that there are lots of hiding places to strut your zen poses behind, and that you make many froggy friends. We will miss you as part of the family, and Leto already does as well.

Having said that, Leto is in need of some serious companionship. We do what we can to keep him company. He comes to greet us when he sees us. But we have noticed that he does not sit with his head out of the water like he used to, or float at the top as much anymore. He used to love that! So we would like to get a couple more, to keep each other company (and save them from the pet store–they really aren’t very well nourished when we got Leto and Apollo to begin with–the others probably aren’t either).

Can anyone help me choose names for the next ones to join the family? Leto and Apollo were hard enough names to choose!


My Boys

So this blog post is really just so that I can introduce the new boys in my life. It starts off with a simple shopping trip.

Jose and I were at the mall one day, simply picking up a couple of things. We were meeting a friend afterward, so decided to do some window shopping in the meantime. We stopped in at Green Earth and on our way out, we noticed something different. There were tiny aquariums at the entrance, and in the bottom of the aquariums were two very tiny, very cute frogs! They were African Dwarf Frogs, supposedly they only eat every 3 days, and their water needs to be changed every 3 months. I thought, what a perfect little pet with not much maintenance. However, Jose and I were both startled with how little water was in these tanks, and we wondered at how well they are actually fed, being in a retail store that doesn’t specialize in pets or aquatic life. We wanted to buy them all just to save them at first, but at $30-35 per tank that would have been way too much, and also if we bought them all, they would just get that much more from their suppliers. Not the effect we were hoping for.

Instead, we did some research on these little guys. They only grow about 2.5″ in length from their bum to their head (their legs are pretty long too) when they are fully grown. They theoretically will eat little tadpole, frog and turtle pellets that sink to the bottom, but our babies will only eat the best–which is frozen bloodworms. It sounds gross, but actually it’s pretty easy to feed them. We did find out, both with research and the hard way, that these frogs do not tend to like the pellets all that much. They are carnivorous, so frozen bloodworms and/or frozen brine shrimp are really the best option. Also, they prefer to “hunt” their prey. It’s a lot of fun to watch these guys sneak up on their prey and swallow it down. They are toothless and tongueless, so they get it in their mouth, then push it farther into their mouths with their front webbed feet. They also are nearly blind, so they hunt their prey likely by smell (or sometimes vibrations in the water. But the common belief is by smell). They are also very social creatures, so you need to get at least two of them!

After we did this research, I decided I still wanted to get some. We ended up at Petsmart, hoping they had what we were looking for (since we didn’t know where else to go for them!) We looked around, found a big enough aquarium for a good price (they need at least 1 gallon of water per frog!), accessories and food. Then we asked if they had any African Dwarf Frogs. We had tried to scout them out before, but with so many aquariums and such tiny frogs, they were tough to find. The sales lady showed us where to find them–hiding in the bottom of a pretty massive tank. We asked her to show us some frozen bloodworms (we found some freezedried bloodworms before, however many people said freezedried anything can cause serious sickness in these frogs. so frozen it is!) then we got our frogs. Both Jose and myself we a little upset with the lady that was “helping” us, since we asked her about the frogs and she immediately spent about 5 minutes looking for a pamphlet to describe them instead of taking the time to talk to us and prepare us for owning and caring for them. Even the sheet I had to sign said that she should familiarize us with the pets so we knew what to expect, which she clearly didn’t. We feel like we did enough research, however, to take care of these little guys. I call them “guys” loosely because they are still so tiny it’s hard to determine their sex yet.

But, Introducing Apollo and Leto!

Can’t Leave it at 13 Posts–it’s bad luck, after all.

My last post happened to be lucky number 13. I’m not a very superstitious person, but just in case, I thought I’d do another post today!

Greek God mosaic found in Rome. This is interesting and kind of cool. But I can’t get past this one thing. This article is so vague, it doesn’t really answer these questions for me. Did anyone else notice that they keep saying they found a mosaic of the “Greek God Apollo” in Rome, from Roman times? So…does that mean that it’s a Greek mosaic that happened to be in Rome, or brought to Rome? Or, a Roman mosaic that was of the Roman equivalent God who, you know…is also named Apollo? I just found this interesting, yet very vague on details, leading me to ultimately be disappointed.

Glee Creator backtracks. Β For all of you Gleeks out there! Apparently word was Glee starts are getting fired. But…apparently not? This, also, is not exactly clear. But, I think that is the point of this particular article.

World’s Best Restaurant. You would think that being dubbed the World’s Best Restaurant would automatically make you a seriously successful business. However…maybe it shouldn’t cost so much, and be open for longer than six months out of the year.

Facebook and Twitter. I am glad to know that we are a “…vain generation of self-obsessed people with child-like need for feedback.” That makes me feel fantastic about myself. What about you?

And lastly…. 10-year-old killed for taking popscile. I will never understand some people. This 10 year old girl was killed after being forced and locked into a box as punishment for taking a popscile out of the freezer without permission. To be honest, I have a feeling that since some of the people that would periodically torture this poor girl are so closely related (mother, daughter, niece, etc) perhaps this family has a history of child abuse prior to this poor girl. Some people should just not have children.


Hey! I mentioned that I would post something about why I haven’t been posting very much the past week or two. This is one of those reasons. This past week I was lucky enough to be asked to babysit my wonderful, young niece (just shy of 2 years old). I used to help babysit her when she was still very young (up to about 6 months old) but then I got a job in London and hadn’t had the chance to do it again until now. So I was very excited!

I came to their place by train, but stayed at my parents’ house on Saturday night. Sunday, my parents dropped me at my brother’s house. We figured since both him and his wife are working very early most days, it’d be easier than dropping her at my parents’ every day this week. Monday she was a treat, happy and giggly and ready to nap as soon as I put her down in the crib. Yay! The only issue Monday was that my ribs are still aching from (I’m assuming) my bike fall, and Monday was the worst day for the pain. I could barely breathe, and climbing stairs (especially with a toddler in tow) left me quite winded. Luckily, during her nap time, I found some muscle cream that definitely helped. My ribs still hurt the rest of the week–but at least I could breathe and pick her up significantly easier.

Tuesday Meghan worked a late shift, and Addison was sad to see her go to work. But after an extra hour of playtime, she seemed to surrender to her nap time happily enough. In the afternoon, she played some more, we went outside to play, and after a while of climbing up and down the stairs on her slide set, daddy came home to play. Lucky him! Of course, as soon as either mommy or daddy get home, as far as she’s concerned, they are the lucky ones that get to shower her with attention! woohoo! πŸ™‚

Wednesday, unfortunately, was a very fussy day. But no one is in a good mood 100% of the time anyway! And it must be tough being so young, especially when you can communicate well enough most of the time, but no one understands what you’re so determined to tell them! I’d be frustrated, too. She went down to sleep about an hour to two hours later than usual for her nap (after crying for 10 solid minutes). Afterwards, she seemed to feel a little better, but still a tiny bit grumpy. When Ken got home from work, it took him a very long time to put her down to sleep. She just didn’t want to do it! Perhaps she is just getting older, and needing less sleep to get through the day.

Thursday I had off, since Meghan had the day off work. I was lucky enough to have lunch with a good friend (and ran into another good friend on the way to lunch!) Afterward, I had supper with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece, and then went back to their place for the night.

Friday she seemed to be much happier πŸ™‚ She still fought about going for her nap (screaming, again, for about 10 minutes), even though beforehand she was just about to pass out downstairs (and I had to actually carry her upstairs myself–she usually likes to walk/crawl up the stairs). I found out Friday that she’s very much into colouring now, and she will watch TV for longer than before (even earlier in the week). Perhaps her attention span is beginning to be longer!

It was an honour to spend so much time with my niece (and brother and sister-in-law of course). It’s so cool that we get to see her grow up, become more independent, and develop specific interests which hint at her personality. Thanks Ken and Meghan for letting me do this!

July 29, 2011–pretty cool stuff to check out!

Hey folks,

So I was just planning on making this another readings post, since it’s been a long day and I am definitely warn out and ready for bed! I hope you enjoy tonight’s posting. It’s full of some pretty neat images, ideas, artwork, and places to check out during your travels.

Dancers among us. This is just super cool. This website basically just has images, but specifically of an art project consisting of dancers posing in obscure positions (or simply caught in those positions on camera) in mundane scenarios. It’s pretty neat, check it out!

Exhibit on how memory constructs reality. this is also an exhibit that sounds like it’d be worth seeing! The past, mixed with a unique art style, mixed with historic memories, and modern technology. How cool would that be to see?

Recycling at its best! Seriously, it is. Check this out! Planes made by 3D printers! what will they think of next? Obviously, this is not going to hold a human up, let alone go through the air at 100mph carrying a human. However it gives us a glimpse into the possible future of air travel. Perhaps if this “technology” is successful in the long run, and it’s as inexpensive as this article suggests, then maybe air travel prices will diminish. πŸ™‚ We can hope, anyway.

40% of Android phones are returned? Ridiculous! I agree, it sounds ridiculous to me as well. Check this article out! Apparently another article came out, claiming that 30-40% of Android phones are returned. I agree with basically what this article is saying, that this accusation is absurd, for many reasons (most of which are discussed in this article).

Top 10 museum destinations. Unfortunately I have only had the opportunity to visit one of these museums so far (obviously, the ROM). I agree that most of these should be on this list (The MET, the Smithsonian, the Louvre, for example). I am somewhat surprised, however, that museums from Greece or even Montreal did not make this list (but that is likely my bias). But that, I guess, is the downfall–the restriction of having to choose only 10 museums in the world.

TheΒ  Nerd Brain. This is just a little something that a friend of mine had posted (check out his blog, terracognition!) I thought it was amusing, so I wanted to share it with you.

Thanks for reading!

Evening Readings July 27, 2011

Hey everyone!!

I am very sorry, it’s been a long time. However, that is only because it’s been a busy week!! Unfortunately, that makes this post a short one, as I should not take up the computer for very long today. Well, I can, but it’s not my computer! I stole it from my brother, as I am staying at his house for the week, babysitting my niece. More to come on that next week.

I also, late last week, purchased an eBook Reader. Unfortunately now is not the time, but soon you will have a review and opinion of the product! Just more to look forward to. I’ve decided just to post a brief section on what I’ve been reading tonight (which isn’t much, because I’ve been chasing around a little girl all day).

Laser Guided Kitty. Okay, so this one really isn’t a reading. Just something cute, a little funny. I had to have a little laugh, it’s been a long day πŸ™‚

MS-DOS is 30 Years Old Today. Happy birthday, MS-DOS!! As great as you were at the time, however, I am glad technology has advanced. I’ll never forget the DOS based games we used to play on the computers in elementary school, though!

The Tragedy in Norway was not caused by Dragon Age 2. Umm…well that’s good to know. Having played Dragon Age 2 myself (which I loved), I do see the parallels. But still, I’m not sure what to think of this. How could anyone take something from the game that’s violent and do it themselves? I don’t get it. Or, I don’t get how people would even come to the conclusion that he was influenced by it.

World Record.Β  This is just super cool. Take a look at that picture! 343 hot air balloons were set up into the sky, setting a world record in France.


That’s it for tonight, folks! I know it’s not much to go on, but I promise to post more soon! πŸ™‚ For now, enjoy.

Afternoon Readings

Well, folks, it looks like it is another late start to my blogging for the day! Perhaps I just took the extra time to find something even more special for you to enjoy. That’s what I’m thinking, anyway, and I hope you agree! We’ll start of with something that is just way, way too awesome not to share.

Incredible animal cakes. You need to seriously check out the awesomeness of these cakes. My favourite is the Octopus cake, followed closely by the Chinese Dragon cake, and then the Crab Cake. πŸ™‚ These are seriously amazing designs. Can’t get enough? Check out the artist, Special Sugar‘s, blog to view more of her artistic creations and even see how some of them (the OctoCake) were made! Can you get any cooler?

Comic-Con Games to get excited for. Personally, I am not a huge comic, anime, or gaming person. Well, ok, I’m a little bit of a gamer at least. Perhaps that is why this article caught my attention. The Mass Effect trilogy is one of my all-time favourites, so I see why other fans would be equally excited (if not more so) for the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3. There are some others on these as well that look pretty awesome, however I’m a little biased when I say that it is definitely what I am looking forward to the most for gaming in the upcoming year.

800 year old oak tree stops traffic in Turkey. Good for you, guys! These really proves how hard work and dedication can get results. Sadly, industrialization usually wins over things like these. I am glad there are exceptions.

Penguins raised by humans. This is a neat little story. These penguins are raised by humans, and tracked off the coast of South Africa. Tourists come from all over the world to see these little guys, and in the last century their population has dropped from 4 million to around 60,000. Poor little guys. I hope that this experiment gets the results they are looking for, but at the same time I feel a little iffy about sticking tracking devices on animals’ wings, raising them and then setting them into the wild. But that’s me.

Drought– a creeping disaster. This makes me feel better about our Canadian heatwaves we’ve been having. Or, it makes me feel worse. I’m not really sure which. There are some pretty controversial ideas about any solutions. Personally I’m not a huge fan of drinking recycled sewage water, myself. But perhaps what we need is a combination of all these suggestions.

Tamara Mason killed by her 3 sons because she wanted to play Yahtzee! I don’t know what to say about this one. Is this serious?! I mean, sometimes I don’t feel like playing a game, but it doesn’t mean I want to kill those that suggested it….